w a v y _ c y l i n d e r s
3D render of waving cylinders in C4D.

2019 | #3Drender | #design | #motiondesign | #pattern

H y b r i d _ b o d y _ j e w e l r y
CMD concept visualization for the book Sense of Smell.

2014 | #CMD | #design | sense of smell

2 n d _ L i f e
Project about data, datadoubles, human nature, identity, protective clothing, nakedness, and the beauty of it.

2016 | #CMD | #design | #spatialdesign

B l a k e
Letterpress print of a couplet of William Blake’s ‘Auguries of Innocence’: ‘If the sun & moon should doubt, they’d immediately go out.’

2014 | Cambridge School of Art | #CMD | #design | #graphicdesign | #printmaking

H U M A N _ F I R E W A L L
Project about getting entangled in networks and the protection against this.

2014 | #CMD | #design | #spatialdesign

l a _ t r a n s f e r
Design for the glass walls in the building of CMD (Avans Hogeschool).

2015 | #CMD | #design | #pattern

b o o k _ j a c k e t s
Design of book covers for a series of books.

2014 | Cambridge School of Art | #CMD  #design | #graphicdesign | #pattern

e u r o p a _ d o e _ j e _ z o !
Motion design project of ‘Europa Doe Je Zo!’, a dutch television program to inform young people about the European politics.

2014 | CCCP | #CMD | #design | #motiondesign